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Maximize Your Home Workout Results

At-home workouts present their own challenges. Working out in your living room can be intimidating especially if you’re used to being taken through a workout by a trainer or coach, attending a class, or even just have access to a full gym of equipment.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! ​Exercising at home can just be as effective as working out in the gym. Just keep reading our blog post!

1. Put on New Gym Clothes

Dress like you’re actually going to the gym. You’ll feel more like exercising when you’re wearing athletic clothes. It may be a good idea to reward yourself with new shoes or a new workout outfit once you reach a goal. That’s if your budget allows, of course.

Women’s Seamless Sport Yoga Suit

2. Use Smart Gadgets

You can control the process of your training, keeping track of all your body indicators with a smart watch and special apps. For example, this multifunctional device will present you a full picture of your workout.

Smart Watch

3. Add Resistance

Resistance bands are lightweight, versatile, and easy to stow in a gym bag or carry-on, making them an ideal choice if you want to train anytime, anywhere. Use them on their own, or add them to more standard exercises to vary up your resistance for a more diverse workout.

Latex Resistance Bands

4. Get a Jumping Rope

Did you know one study found that just 10 minutes of jumping rope can be equivalent to a 30-minute jog? Exactly. Jumping rope is a great workout for its range of motion, calories burned, weight loss, and getting your heart rate up.

Speed Jump Rope

5. Be Realistic

Patience is a virtue when it comes to toned limbs or fat loss. If you want to see a real difference, you need to be strict and dedicated to your routine. It takes time to change, both physically and mentally.

6. Don’t Forget About Massage

Your muscles need your attention not only during workout but after them as well. An acupuncture mat or massage ball will help you with soreness with ease.

Acupressure Massage Mat

7. Exercise with an Ab Wheel

Strengthen and tone your abs, shoulder, arms, and back with the Ab Wheel. What makes the ab wheel so effective is its ability to engage our entire core, including what is referred to as our “stabilizer” muscles.

Home Fitness Ab Rollers

8. Choose Your At-home Workout Space

You really only need a space the size of a yoga mat to have a bunch of options for an effective and efficient workout. It’s best to not exercise in the same place you watch TV or eat. This will help you focus and stay committed to your workout. By the way, don’t forget about a convenient mat for your exercises.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

9. Don’t Forget About Warm-up

Warm-up is an essential part of any workout. 15-20 minutes of calm jogging can warm-up your muscles and you’ll be ready for more advanced exercises.

Compact Treadmill for Home

10. Eliminate Distractions

That includes the dog and your mobile. Take steps to remove or minimize distractions – like diverting the house phone to answer the phone or putting a sign on the door to ask family members to answer the door if anyone calls round.

With our tips your home workouts will be more fun and effective. A good workout improves mental health and your mood, reduces stress, could help you sleep better, and might even strengthen your judgment skills on the job.

What are your secrets of productive home workouts? Share your ideas in comments below and subscribe to our newsletter to get more information about sports & fitness 🙂

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